Funded Projects


Regular Projects

Laser Emission Microscope
Xudong (Sherman) Fan, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Exploratory Projects

Currently being evaluated


2016-2018 (under the Partnership and Advanced Manufacturing programs)

Regular Projects

Metal-based Transparent Conductive Film and the Associated Manufacturing Technologies
L. Jay Guo, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Macromolecular Science and Engineering; Applied Physics

Optical Biopsy for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Thomas Wang, H. Marvin Pollard Collegiate Professor of Endoscopy Research; Professor of Internal Medicine; Biomedical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

Development of Robust Computational Procedures for Fatigue Durability Evaluation of Welded Structures
Pingsha Dong, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering; Director, Welded Structures Laboratory

SNAP-based Nitric Oxide-Release Products for Skin Applications
Mark Meyerhoff, Philip J. Elving Collegiate Professor of Chemistry